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and teenage pregnancy among young women exposed to primal scenes might seem at

first glance to symbolize harm unequivocally, more careful evaluation renders these

findings somewhat ambiguous. In the case of increased cases of pr read more...

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Naturism And Naturists Defined and Explained

Learning about naturism and naturists in the pros at FKK:
Before we begin describing and defining naturism and naturists, here are some posts you may want to read first. These posts will offer you the terms which are used in the naturist world read more...

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given them and believe that the all natural gives them the freedom to be who they're, revealing

a take me as I am mindset. "

The above mentioned subjects were chosen by random. I did not have pnor
knowledge of their perspectives on Social Nudism. Some of the themes were acquaintances,
while others were complete str

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My Experience With FKK at Sunny Rest, Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Guest blog by: Julian Smith
My FKK Weekend at Sunny Rest
I've been humbled in being requested by Naturist Portal (FKK) to write a guest blog about my experience with this wonderful organization during Memorial Day Weekend. Since you may or read more...

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naked, and the signication of nakedness as something very, very personal and

private (with private parts); hence the strictures of contexts which code and
constrain the ways in which naked is performed under the gaze of others. The
blurring between the bounds of sexuality and nakedness, the encroachment

of

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Are Women Preventing Each Other From Becoming Nude and Practicing Self Love?

Guest Blog by: Patricia Anderson-Peters
Getting Nude and Practicing Self Love:
I am not a naturist. We'll begin there. Not for lack of desire to be really, I'd LOVE to be so free and uninhibited, but I Have not arrived there yet. Sad part read more...

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Naturist company owners hoping to bring a younger demographic have to comprehend that the economic reality facing today's young people is much more vo

Pupil and young adult discounts - specials like "$25 for the weekend with a 1980 or newer ID" - are a prerequisite for bringing this demographic. They just can't manage it otherwise, and will reject the entire lifestyle and culture as read more...